Telematics & Connected Insurance


Connected Insurance is transforming the way insurers underwrite and market Motor products by allowing a closer integration between driving behaviors and premium rates. By providing customers with real-time information about their vehicles and insurance products, insurers enable a powerful channel for more frequent and valuable communications with them, defining a new dimension of interactive and customized services.

Driving Score

Assessment of driving habits and style leading to reduced insurance premiums, fuel economy and safety.

Remote Diagnostics

Real-time information to the driver about errors and failures reported by the on-board car computer, including proactive maintenance alerts.

Trip Profile

Detailed information about individual trips and customer defined alerts about speed, distance or location.

Road Assistance

Fast and easy location of the vehicle in cases where clients require road assistance, improving response times.

Accident Reconstruction

The use of 3-axis G-sensor accelerometers and integrated algorithms allows to reconstruct the last seconds before a crash, obtaining valuable information to speed-up the claims adjustment process, while improving its overall accuracy.

First Notice of Loss

The mobile application allows customers to report their accidents easily, reducing adjustment time and improving their experience and satisfaction.


Connected Insurance is based on the use of telematic devices, usually dongles plugged in the OBD ports of insured cars, which transmits data to a IoT platform to be converted into insights about the driving style, usage and characteristics of each individual customer. The use of Big Data and advance analytics transform these insights into unique value propositions for the customer and unparalleled actuarial and marketing capabilities for the insurer.


1 Competitive pricing and premiums.

Connected Insurance allows insurers to use real-time information about each individual vehicle and a person's driving habits, including number of kilometers they drive, time of day, speed, acceleration, harsh breaking and cornering, as well as multiple other factors. This data fuels predictive risk assessment models that determine customer segments and competitive terms.

2 Reduced claims ratio.

Connected Insurance not only provides the client with incentives and information to improve their driving style, but also allows insurers to manage their Motor portfolios more effectively, rewarding those clients worth retaining and reducing significantly the effect of claims fraud.

3 Customer loyalty.

Competition in Motor insurance is intense, clients are increasingly informed about alternatives and are willing to switch insurers looking for alternatives that better suit their budget and needs. Connected Insurance build loyalty with customer-friendly pricing, new services and a more personal and frequent interaction between the customer and the insurer.


We help insurers to define and implement Connected Insurance programs from the very beginning, providing technology, actuarial and business solutions.

  • Strategy definition
  • Business Plan
  • Operating Model Definition
  • Marketing & Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Analytics-as-a-Service